Monday, February 25, 2008

I've got 15 minutes before I have to meet my boss. I should be doing Sheba edits, but instead I'm going to provisionally list the things I want most in a steno program that I'm not already getting in Eclipse. Many of these I already mentioned in the post on my regular blog, but I want to go into more detail on this one, and I figure a broad set of desired features (off the top of my head, with many more to come) will lay the foundation.

Back later. Okay:

General lack of dialogue boxes. Most crucial to this is search. Vim style searching with type-ahead find, forwards or backwards + wrap, with options to set ignore case or not = absolutely ideal. The current Eclipse implementation is a nightmare.

Options in DigitalCAT that aren't in Eclipse: anti-Gollum (auto in DC; should be toggle in Plover) setting, so that you don't get thingses like improper pluralses. Globaling of y to ies through the document when one word is edited (though case is not recognized in DC, so if you're doing all caps, you get CITY -> CITies.), -L,-G,-S,-Z auto translation. Possibly include -R as well. Crucial, crucial feature.

Edited 03/24: I'm choosing to post this rather than keep the draft to build on, because it just doesn't seem to happen. Accretion, that's the key. Little posts with morsels of information apiece. They don't all have to be treatises.

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