Friday, August 23, 2013

Plover Community Survey Results

The Plover Community Survey results are here. Check 'em out!

Some of the more interesting questions and answers:

What is your current steno level?

Absolute beginner - I'm very fresh.
The very concept of steno is new to me, and I haven't tried it yet: 18%
Beginner - I know what steno is and have tried it: 33%
Intermediate - I'm fairly good, but steno isn't my best way to input text: 40%
Advanced - steno is my primary mode of text input: 10%

What do you plan on using Plover for?

What theory are you using?

Have you enrolled in a formal stenography program?

No - nor do I intend on enrolling: 75%
No - but I intend to enroll: 5%
Yes - but no longer active: 10%
Yes - actively attending: 8%
Yes - completed course: 3%

The survey's still open, if you want to add your two cents.

Thanks again to John and Jay for making this happen!


  1. I see 13 beginners, and 7 absolute beginners. With, 30 claiming no formal steno program--plus 2 who are not currently in a program, but plan to enroll, and 4 dropouts. So, 36. I'm personally intrigued by this burgeoning community of not only beginners, but intermediate and/or advanced students, who are not in a steno program, but are using Plover.

    This is quite a number, who have gone so far as to participate in the survey, but who don't have a heavy footprint posting to the Plover Aviary, where of course, I have posted a lot, more than, I guess, anybody would want to read. Kind of not how I'd do it, if I had it to do over, too much from me (but what the heck), and little from others who apparently are, to whatever degree, pursuing steno as self-taught students, using Plover.

    Of course posting is time-consuming. I wonder, if this many are participating in the survey, then the real number must be somewhat greater. I hadn't filled out the survey--though I'll do it now.

    I guess my thoughts drift towards being curious about this group, and whether they'd be comfortable putting more of their experience/issues out on Plover aviary.

  2. Yeah, I wish the Aviary were more active. I think we just haven't achieved critical mass yet. But I agree -- it's pretty impressive and exciting that we've got a few dozen people at intermediate level without any formal steno training. The Plover Project is doing what it set out to do!