Monday, August 16, 2021

Steno Pedagogy: Kindergarten Edition

a selection of words made from printed letters and tiles on cardboard mats from the word game Zingo
My kid turned five today! At his birthday party yesterday, a friend of his gave him a board game called Zingo Word Builder. We played with it together a little bit this morning, and he didn't seem to find it too compelling. He's already a strong reader and using random letters to build consonant-vowel-consonant words don't seem to hold much interest for him. But as I was picking tiles from the stack and moving them around on the game boards pictured above, I realized that the game was strongly reminiscent of the words used in the first few chapters of steno books like Learn Plover and The Art of Chording.

Any ideas on how I can turn this game into a non-electronic tool to help my kid learn steno? How can I make it more interesting or challenging for him? How can I use these tiles (already strangely similar in shape to steno keys, even if they're upside down) to help my kid navigate the layout of the steno keyboard and practice constructing words according to not just English rules but steno rules? There's gotta be a way! I'd be grateful for any advice or thoughts the Plover community might have. I feel like there's gotta be a way to do this; I'm just not sure where to start.

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