Monday, April 3, 2023

LaTeX with Steno!!

LaTeX (pronounced lay-tek because the X is a Greek chi, as in τέχνη) is a legendary markup language/software system for typesetting, often used for scientific or mathematical documents requiring fine-grained manipulation of symbols and other special characters. It's something I've been hearing about for most of my life, but I confess I've always been too intimidated by its complexity to investigate it in any detail. People have asked me several times over the years if steno can be used to typeset a complex document using LaTeX, and the ever-amazing Aerick has just made a fantastic demonstration video answering the question with his usual panache. So cool! I'm so happy to finally have a video I can point to when people ask me how steno could possibly handle such a complex task. Splendid work as always, Aerick!

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