Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Quick Links

First, a fantastic post on the Plover Aviary by ezyang, detailing the ups and downs of just beginning in steno.

Second, a new dictionary generated by Ted, which allows you to use the "EU" inversion flag on numbers of more than two digits.



  1. Hi Mirabai,
    I'm having issues with some of the punctuation strokes on the learn Plover page just not working.

    / OEU does nothing.

    KR-RT does nothing
    ( PREPB types--> paren
    ) PR*EPB types--> PR*EPB

    downloaded from

  2. My plover is working for the most part, just some strokes are not.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. I've just accepted that some of the punctuation strokes mentioned in "Learning Plover" are not in the dictionary for whatever reason. I've used it as an excuse to learn to add my own. It is too bad that the default dictionary doesn't seem to match up with "Learning Plover" though.

  4. Charles, jasonj, I think the problem here is you installed Plover prior to fixes to the default dictionary which synchronized it with Learning Plover. When you upgrade Plover, it does NOT automatically upgrade your dictionary (that makes sense, right? After all, who knows what you've done to your dictionary.) But it means that your dictionary might be stale. You can force Plover to regenerate it by blowing away your old config directory, but it's not great since you'll lose any other briefs you added. (Maybe you have to use the latest Git version of Plover too)

  5. Just reinstalled and getting same issue. Downloaded from for windows

  6. I deleted the dictionairy then installed latest version.

  7. Okay, maybe the release isn't recent enough.

    Hm... Well, the zip seems to have the entry for slash... Which file did you delete?

  8. dict.json

  9. i've been testing by trying to type PREPB and PR*EPB for ( )

  10. perhaps a copy of a proper dictionary file is in order. know where to get?

  11. Found the entry and tried it. Did not work.

    "OEU": "{/}",

    OEU types nothing for me

  12. looks like the update did not make it to the windows release. look here

    and look at this line:
    dict_suffix.json ------> Add symbols from Learn Plover Lesson 7: Non-Letters

  13. Ah, I bet that the Windows installer is out of date.