Monday, May 8, 2017

New Plover Weekly: Plover 4.0!

I have a substantial backlog of cool Open Steno stuff to share with you, but all of that's been superseded by an incredibly exciting development: There's a new version of Plover available to download! I'm just gonna link you to the Github page detailing the new weekly Plover 4.0 release!! As with all weeklies, this is an experimental release, so proceed with caution, but if you have the time to play around and tinker with it, please be sure to give our mindblowingly amazing developers Ted and Benoit your feedback so that they can incorporate it into the next stable release. The quick rundown of features, from the release page:
  • New UI (PyQT instead of wx)
  • Plover closes to tray, so you don't need to have a window in your taskbar.
  • Dictionary Revamp
  • Enable / disable dictionaries
  • Dictionary display order is now higher priority first (configurable)
  • External dictionary changes trigger a reload on configuration change (e.g. reconnecting the machine)
  • Windows now has an installer version available.
  • Older Mac versions should be supported again. (The lower bound is untested)
  • We now create a Linux AppImage.
  • Plugin support (not yet documented).
  • Will allow for custom machines, layouts, utilities, commands, and more, in time.

Go check out the new release at the Github page! Woohooo!