Monday, February 7, 2022

New Open Steno Community Wiki

There's a new Open Steno Wiki on Miraheze, though with the following disclaimer: "This wiki is a work in progress and is not yet ready to replace the GitHub wiki."

The community members who set it up explained that they chose Miraheze for the following reasons:
  • We can easily export the data
  • We can easily import it somewhere else if we decide this isn't the right place (lots of converters to e.g. markdown exist)
  • It's free and open source (no need to fiddle around with hosting when we are experimenting)

Why not a GitHub-backed markdown wiki (not completely ruled out for the future)?
  • PRs can take a while (could be solved by more people with PR approval permission and/or automating approvals)
  • Many people are not familiar with GitHub who would be more familiar with wikis
  • Going through "official open steno" limits the kind of content that is appropriate
  • Would need to decide what technology to use, who would implement it, etc. which would take a while

Why not the existing GitHub wiki?
  • SEO is terrible
  • No easy way to search page contents
  • Attached to the Plover GitHub rather than open steno as a whole

The old Wiki has definitely gotten a bit old and musty, so I'm excited to see this new one spring up, and I'm looking forward to watching it take shape!

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