Friday, July 12, 2013

Plover 2.4.1 Released!

Yet another rapid-fire Plover release, from our staggeringly prolific lead dev Hesky! This guy, I tell you. Amazing. His notes below.

"Hi Everyone,

There is a new version of Plover available: v2.4.1

This update includes new features and bug fixes:

- Fixed problem with strokes not recognized when using a DigitalCAT RTF dictionary
- Fixed paragraphing for CaseCATalyst dictionaries
- Added indentation for continuation paragraphs in RTF dictionaries
- Added lower case command similar to capitalize that makes the first letter of the next word lower case: {>}
- Fixed bug in how prefix, suffix and infix were loaded from RTF dictionaries that was preventing automated spelling from being applied.
- Improved automated spelling using a wordlist. I'm hoping this will be a big improvement. Please send me examples when plover makes spelling mistakes applying suffixes so I can try to continue improving this.
- Added a way to prevent automated spelling from being applied by putting a {^} between prefix/suffix and the word. This allows a quick way to disable automated spelling when it does something wrong.
- There seems to have been a bug that prevented buttons on the Add Translation dialog from being pressed with the mouse on windows. This is now fixed but the downside is that tabbing in the dialog now includes the buttons and not just the text fields. One workaround for now is to use {#Shift_L(Tab)} to move from translation to stroke rather than pressing {#Tab} three times.

Linux: Follow instructions here:

As always, please let me know how it goes and if you have any trouble."


Stan Sakai said...

Such a talent!

gdwarner said...

Nice! The digitalCAT dictionary fix is working pretty well . . . and amazingly, most of my Q & A entries actually work -- but I see I'll have to adjust the spacing a bit here and there, but I can live with that.

That said, is there anyway to modify the paragraph stroke so that it doesn't tab over -- or at least give me another stroke I can use JUST for paragraphing with an indent, and another for paragraphing without an indent.

If I'm working with a word processor, I can use a style sheet to handle the spacing for new paragraphs . . .

gdwarner said...

Oops! "Any way."

Unknown said...

I just typed my FIRST Plover sentence in a Google Doc on my new Sidewinder-with-keytoppers (so thankful for it): 'I am using a new tool to write right now.'

Unknown said...

Plover 2.4.1, I'll remember you always...let's evolve together! (Hmmm, now what's the stroke for ellipses?!)

The above was not typed via Plover!

Here's to closing the gap as I begin printing some papers to hang up around the house. (But now what's the stroke for italics, now...?!)

J.A said...

Something recently has broken StenoTray for me :/, no words are showing up in the StenoTray window at all now.

Config files etc are all the same as they were in the past, and I've enabled Log Translations in plover.

Does anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Anonymous said...

You can download the new version of StenoTray here:

Mirabai Knight said...

Snowy: My stroke for ellipses is:


And for italics, I think you'd just want to make one stroke that outputs and another that outputs . Unless you're in Word or something like that, where you'd want to make a stroke that does Control-I, which you'd just do at the beginning and the end of the italicized portion. Just like in qwerty. (':

Tricia Bagley said...

Boy, do I want to get this working. I downloaded the exe file for Windows and was able to open it twice (pretty excited to write with my sidewinder!) before receiving a series of "unexpected errors". I've since redownloaded multiple times with the same error messages ending with "attribute error: 'frame' object has no attribute. Does anyone have a workaround for this in Windows 8? Any guidance is appreciated. T