Monday, July 29, 2013


The amazing Emanuele Caruso from the Plover Google Group has just released a new version of StenoTutor, his amazing cross-platform steno drilling software. It's a perfect introduction to steno for absolute beginners, and it can also be customized with harder word lists and lessons for more experienced users. As you can see in the screenshot above, by default it drills you on the 1,000 most common English words, drawn from the Plover dictionary. You start out with just a few, but as you get quicker and more fluent in writing them, more words are added into the mix, and StenoTutor is able to judge when you're good enough to move on and when you need a little extra drilling practice with each word. It's a marvelous way to get up to speed with steno very quickly, and the new release also has optional text-to-speech capabilities. Check it out!

StenoTutor 0.1.0


Unknown said...

Great work. I am enjoying this application. I have quickly gone from typing the first 50 words at 30 wpm, to typing them at 50 wpm. Awesome! I have noticed a few minor bugs though. Is there somewhere I can report them?


Danny said...

Hi, there is here:

This would be if you're willing to sign up/sign in to GitHub, where StenoTutor is hosted, as a project and repository.

There is also here:!forum/ploversteno

The Plover Google Groups forum, and there is an ongoing online discussion of Plover happening--this might be the place to begin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
great to hear it works good for you.
I would be happy to also hear about the bugs you noticed, you can follow the advice of Daniel. You can also report them here if you don't want to subscribe to github and google groups.

Thank you, Emanuele.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys.

I have signed into github and reported the issues I have found so far.


Unknown said...

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Jason said...

I can't get StenoTutor to do anything. It starts but there aren't any menu options.
I'm on a Mac, so I did the chmod thing from the directory.
Does StenoTutor have to be in the same folder as Plover to work?

Jason said...

I think I figured out part of the problem.
From the Console, you can see that StenoTutor is looking for the data folder inside the macosx application folder. But the data folder isn't inside application folder in your archive.
This started the first problem where it couldn't read the session properties, and then it couldn't find the dictionaries because they were also out of place.

Anyway, once I moved the data folder into the application folder, it worked!

Thanks for your hard work.

8/14/13 6:53:42.673 PM [0x0-0x58f58f].StenoTutor: Cannot read session properties, using defalt values. Error: null
8/14/13 6:53:42.673 PM [0x0-0x58f58f].StenoTutor: Error while reading .les dictionary file: /Applications/StenoTutor-master/application.macosx/data/lessons/common_words.les (No such file or directory)
8/14/13 6:53:42.673 PM [0x0-0x58f58f].StenoTutor: Error while reading .chd dictionary file: /Applications/StenoTutor-master/application.macosx/data/lessons/common_words.chd (No such file or directory)
8/14/13 6:53:42.673 PM [0x0-0x58f58f].StenoTutor: Warning: /Applications/StenoTutor-master/application.macosx/data/lessons/common_words.blk (No such file or directory)

Mirabai Knight said...

Thanks, Jason! I've passed this along to Emanuele on the Plover Google Group.

burbilog said...

Is StenoTutor dead? It
seems that it wasn't developed for 11 months :( And while it's nice and all, it still lacks basic features like saving user sesion -- every time you have to start from scratch!

Mirabai Knight said...

It's not dead, but its creator, Emanuele Caruso, has been focusing his attention on StenoBoard rather than developing StenoTutor, so it has sort of fallen fallow. It's open source, though, so anyone who wants to contribute to its development is welcome to do so!