Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two New Steno Tools

Two great new tools posted today to the Ploververse:

First, Russell offers StenoLearner, a beautiful little browser-based steno parser in the style of PloverDemo. What's great about it is that it offers suggestions (a la StenoTray) of shorter ways to stroke words after you've written or fingerspelled something, and those suggestions remain on the screen persistently (though you can also toggle them on and off). Also, there's a WPM graph, a "retractions" toggle to show words you've struggled with, plus it supports Qwerty, Dvorak, and Colemak. What a marvelous piece of work.

Second, Mike of the legendary has introduced a new application on his site: Text-to-Speech dictation. Just paste in any text you want, set the speed, and steno away. Definitely helpful for anyone who sees transcription, captioning, or other dictation-based work in their future.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to those who spent their time coding these new tools

DesignPro said...

Is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle plover on and off?

Mirabai Knight said...

There is! Just define whatever strokes you like as:


And go to town! (':