Thursday, February 11, 2016

Seeking Input on New Plover Icon Art

Over on the Plover Github, Ted's got a conversation going about updating the tired old Plover "P", which was a bit of placeholder art that somehow never got updated when Plover first got going over six years ago. Here are some possible options:

Ted's been rocking the commits lately, and a new version is imminent (I've been working with a development build for the last three months and loving it -- especially the ability to output Greek letters to Aloft for the physics class I'm captioning!). So we've got to hammer down the art issue as soon as possible. If you've got any opinions on what color to paint this particular bike shed, or if you've got art ideas -- or actual art -- of your own to offer, please speak up! The more input we can get, the better.


gdwarner said...

I like number nine. I think, however, there should color, so you can tell if Plover is running or not.

gdwarner said...

Um, "there should *BE* color." I always find the typos after I hit Send!