Saturday, November 19, 2016

Plover 3.1.0 Released!

Okay, this is a little overdue, but there's a new Plover release available as of ten days ago!

Plover 3.1.0

This is a minor release, meaning that we try to be backwards-compatible with v3.0.0 while introducing new features. The only gray area is the new keyboard shortcut syntax, which will not always work on older versions of Plover.


* New configuration option to start Plover minimized

* Add ProCAT machine protocol

* Stroke and translation logging is now turned off by default

* The "Lookup" and "Suggestions" windows now return more results! We accomplished this by looking for different casing; prefixes and suffixes; and across all dictionaries

* Faster dictionary loading, which means faster Plover start up Fix TX Bolt lag on macOS

Major release with huge UI changes in the works as well, which is very exciting!


Soo Doe Nimh said...

Hi Mirabai,

FWIW, this update has also corrected the periodic crash on Windows 10. It used to take a dive every 10-15 minutes. Put in 3 hours last night, and no issue.

Thanks to you and the developers for making Plover so good.


gdwarner said...
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