Monday, August 23, 2021

Tokaku's Fantastic Steno Intro Video

Okay, I'm extremely late to the game here, for a number of reasons (zero childcare for a year and a half, Discord no longer notifying users of new posts when servers get above a certain size, turning 40 last March and therefore being old and out of the loop by definition) but back in early June, a famous YouTuber named Tokaku, who goes by SKWROE/HRAOEPB (cue Dolly Parton's classic earworm) on the Plover Discord, made this amazing (and open captioned!) introduction to steno, and it's one of the clearest, most concise, and most engaging explanations I've seen in a long time! In the past two months and change it's already gotten over 300,000 hits, which is incredible, and has brought many people into the Plover community. I'm so thankful to Tokaku for her hard work and enthusiasm in putting this video out there. Absolutely marvelous work.

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