Monday, February 22, 2021

New Typey Type Lessons

There are two great new lessons up on Typey Type: Orthography Rules and Stenotypos! Great stuff.

I'm also waiting on a prototype of the Eco (one of the new small batch steno hardware options coming out soon) to test, and our devs have been working on getting a new release of Plover out, after a bit of a hiatus. We're looking for new devs to come join the project, so if you're interested, please come on the Discord and get together with the other volunteers! It's an exciting time in the world of open source steno.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Uni Trailer

Pre-orders for the Uni are live, and Peter made this slick trailer for it!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Follow up to last week's post on the Uni: The creator now has a website,! Currently he's selling pre-orders for the Uni's circuitboard and 3D printed flat steno keycaps, but I expect there'll be more there soon.

Here's a video of Peter demonstrating the caps on a staggered layout qwerty board:

So many exciting things happening in the small manufacturer steno keyboard space! I can't wait to see them all as they continue to roll out.

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Uni, An Affordable Unibody Split Machine

render of the uni circuit board

Peter says on r/Plover:

Hello stenographers, I am currently in the process of making and prototyping a cheaper unibody split ortholinear keyboard for stenography.

I have the project up on Github for anyone curious. I plan on selling a fully assembled version for under a hundred dollars and just the pcb for even less. The pcbs will come with diodes presoldered so all you need are switches and a pro micro.

I'm still waiting for my protoypes to arrive in the mail along with the pro micro and switches.
I will be posting more updates.

I always love it when creators open source their hardware for the DIY set and also manufacture them for people who want an all-in-one option. Best of both worlds, in my opinion! This looks great, and I can't wait to see more.

Monday, January 25, 2021

New Option for TinyMod!

The amazing Charley, inventor and craftsman behind the StenoMod and TinyMod, has done it again. He's now offering a new quiet model TinyMod:

The new option is the quiet version of TinyMod4. The only difference is that it has Durock "silent" switches and the springs have been changed to 20cN. Though they're called "silent" switches I would say rather that they're very quiet. They have a solid feel to them and a pretty light touch. It took me a long time to like the feel of 20cN, but now I'm very happy with them. You might find that you press a lot of keys by accident for awhile because of the light touch. Because the switches and replacement springs cost more and it's extra work swapping springs, I'll be charging $200 plus shipping for the quiet model.

The original TinyMod is still available for $160 plus shipping, and Charley's confided in me that there are even more surprises in the works, so stay tuned! Charley is an absolute paragon of the small batch steno hardware world, and I recommend his machines unreservedly!

Monday, January 18, 2021

The Most Metal DIY Stenoboard Ever

a steno machine with a skull pattern printed on it and colorful underlighting

Sillyworld from the Plover Discord just posted pics of this incredible DIY steno board, with a custom printed circuit board and rad underlighting. I've recently been enjoying the Gideon the Ninth series, and let me just tell you, the steno pool AU fanfiction practically writes itself. I LOVE IT.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Better RTF Handling

If you've ever been frustrated by the less than perfect way that Plover handles RTF/CRE files (the court reporting dictionary format that's never quite been implemented as smoothly as Plover's native JSON format, but which is pretty useful if you're using Plover alongside commercial steno software), try this new plugin from sammdot: Plover-Better-RTF, a Plover plugin for better RTF dictionary handling that's powered by rtfcre.
rtfcre is a Python library for reading and writing steno dictionaries in the RTF/CRE (Rich Text Format with Court Reporting Extensions) format. The library provides an API similar to that of the json module for reading and writing dictionaries.

rtfcre also comes with a little command-line utility that you can use to convert your dictionaries between Plover's native JSON format and RTF.


Speed: The parsing logic is written in Rust using parser combinators, making it much faster than practically any pure-Python implementation.

Comments: Rather than just exposing translations, rtfcre also reads the comments embedded in each entry ({\*\cxcomment like this}).

Unicode: Full Unicode support -- while the dictionary files are not encoded in UTF-8, Unicode characters in translations are still fully supported. Translations can be in any language and they will seamlessly be converted to escapes when writing.

Plover support: Translations are converted automatically to Plover's native syntax (e.g. fingerspelling is represented with {&a} rather than {\cxfing a}) and converted back when writing.