Wednesday, September 27, 2023

New Builds!

The amazing Sammi has been working tremendously hard on the Plover codebase recently! Lots of continuous builds of Plover 4 pre-release candidates coming out lately. And I feel like that means we might have even bigger and more exciting news soon, but in the mean time, it's still pretty great!! All thanks and credit to Sammi for being such a great shepherd of the project!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Community Anki Decks

If you like learning and reviewing steno using digital flashcards, this repository of Plover-themed Anki decks might come in handy. So far there are four decks: Learn Plover, Emily Symbols, Emily Modifiers, and Top N Words. According to Will, who built the repository:
The generated decks use the Steno-Font to display the steno layout for outlines. The font is embedded in the generated decks and does not need to be installed separately. This is done so the deck can be synced to the web or mobile apps and still display correctly.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Typey Type Lesson Builder

Check out this wonderful blog post by Di about her process to rebuild the lesson generator on her amazing and invaluable steno learning app to make her development of new Typey Type lessons vastly more efficient. Even for non-developers, there are some enlightening and useful ideas in there! As Di says...

What had previously been hours of headaches and wrangling was done in moments on a whim. Seriously, I cannot overstate the satisfaction I felt in that moment.

The entire steno community has been benefiting from Di's incredible work for years now, and I'm so grateful that she's continued to improve and perfect it. Three cheers for the magnificent Di!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Starboard!

I just learned about The Starboard today, when I saw on the Plover Discord news channel that it now supports Javelin firmware. Wow! What a beautiful little hobbyist machine at a fantastic price! I might need to add one of these to my already ridiculous collection of tiny footprint steno machines. I don't really have the space, but it's just so dang cute! So happy to see all the new machines in the hobbyist steno space.