Monday, March 29, 2021

Aerick's Complete Steno Learning Video Series

If you haven't yet checked out Aerick's Plover and Steno YouTube Playlist, you really should! It's a beautiful series of videos breaking down steno principles, with accurately edited English closed captions (woo!) and an engaging, polished production style. A fantastic introduction to the nuts and bolts of steno from a really talented new presence in the open steno community. Bravo, Aerick!!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Tool for Building Spanish Steno Dictionaries!

Eliseo writes:

Libero este repositorio que contiene un conjunto de scripts que ayudan a generar un diccionario para Plover, que se puede usar con el plugin plover-spanish-system-eo-variant. Una vez que lo refine, lo utilizaré para actualizar el diccionario principal del plugin, pero por el momento, lo libero para que quien quiera/necesite generar su propio diccionario especializado (por ejemplo uno con términos médicos), lo genere por cuenta propia. :D

Or, in English:

I worked on a series of tools/scripts that will eventually help me to generate the main dictionary for plover-spanish-system-eo-variant. The repository is Silabareo. There you can find a set of scripts and steps to create a dictionary that can be used within Plover with the Spanish System plugin. I hope this will be useful for those who have a large set of words that would like to add as a specialized dictionary (say, medical terms for example). If you like to know more, drop me a message here or Discord.

This is fantastic!! Thanks, Eliseo!

Monday, March 15, 2021

Nolltronics Has a Website!

protype of the EcoSteno
Nolltronics, makers of the EcoSteno -- currently in the final stages of pre-production -- now has a website where you can subscribe for updates and follow their progress as they roll out the EcoSteno to the world. The design is gorgeous and I'm so excited to try it out when it finally makes its way into my hands!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Woolf on Typey Type

Di tweets:

Practice typing Virginia Woolf's Monday or Tuesday in Typey Type's new lesson!

That's timely!

Monday, March 1, 2021

Qwertysteno is BACK!!

We heard back from Mike, creator of the wonderful Qwertysteno, and he's been able to put the site back online! We're paying the hosting fees out of Plover funds, so it should be up for a good long while. Hurray for the return of Qwertysteno and many thanks to Mike!