Saturday, September 26, 2020

Typey Type Now Has a Metronome!

Some awesome new Typey Type updates from Di!
Typey Type now has a metronome! You can use a metronome to improve your rhythm for each stroke in finger drills. By drilling difficult transitions between pairs of strokes that slow you down or cause you hesitation using a metronome, you may improve your slowest pairs. Set your BPM (beats per minute) to something a little slower than your typical words per minute, press “Start”, then revise your tricky transitions carefully. Boop boop!

New lessons:

- Queen Elizabeth I’s speech, the Speech to the Troops at Tilbury:

- 21 Proverbs lessons, such as Proverbs starting with S:

And I've updated the layout

- The amount of settings is getting out of hand, so they now live in a tidy drawer on the right-hand side. The most-used settings are at the top for your convenience, and there's room to grow.

- The lesson layout is more responsive to different screen sizes and shows more words and hints at a time. If you have some phrase that requires 8 strokes, the many steno diagrams will wrap and fit on screen.

- The Lookup page also fits more steno diagrams before adding a vertical scrollbar (whereas the previous horizontal scrollbar was invisible to some people and hard to use).

- The radio button labels are no longer crooked!

- I also made some accessibility improvements about the place.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Thai Steno!

Parnikkapore on the Plover Discord is working on implementing a steno layout for Thai!
Thai steno layout
More-or-less-full specs for my 1st gen Thai steno layout.

The layout is phonetically arranged (to an extent) and heavily depends on multi-key letters, so it's not very brief friendly. Also: Someone's gonna nickname this the "อีแมว layout" because that phrase means something like "you/that [expletive] cat", but very socially unacceptable (though if you actually stroke อีแมว you'll get เอ็บ, which is not a word). The 5 tones are encoded on the vowel bar, and the 40-or-so vowels are on the U key and the third quarter from the left.

Seriously, how freaking cool is that?! I hope this is the start of a thriving open source Thai steno community!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Typey-Type adds Irreversible Binomials!

There are several new lessons on irreversible binomials on Typey Type!

irreversible binomials with alliteration
Irreversible binomials with opposites and antonyms
Irreversible binomials with related words and synonyms
Irreversible binomials with rhymes and similar-sounding words

Di writes:
I've added new lessons to Typey Type for "irreversible binomials": a group of words used together in fixed order as an expression. They're irreversible because if you flip them, they sound funny! Imagine "fro and to"! "Foe or friend"!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

picture of qwerty keyboard with 3D printed steno keytoppers
Just another quick photo of another nice semi-DIY steno setup. Dharmalar from the Discord writes:
Not sure if this would be helpful to anyone! I wanted to 3D print key toppers, but don't have a printer. I had Jason Cemra's toppers printed up at for about $26 shipped. REALLY happy with how they came out, very clean. I had to file the key attachment posts a bit, since this keyboard isn't strictly Cherry MX switches, but that was my mistake. Excited to finally get going on this!
This looks lovely, and I hadn't heard of such a reasonable rate for 3D printed keytoppers, so I'm really glad for this tip!