Saturday, September 26, 2020

Typey Type Now Has a Metronome!

Some awesome new Typey Type updates from Di!
Typey Type now has a metronome! You can use a metronome to improve your rhythm for each stroke in finger drills. By drilling difficult transitions between pairs of strokes that slow you down or cause you hesitation using a metronome, you may improve your slowest pairs. Set your BPM (beats per minute) to something a little slower than your typical words per minute, press “Start”, then revise your tricky transitions carefully. Boop boop!

New lessons:

- Queen Elizabeth I’s speech, the Speech to the Troops at Tilbury:

- 21 Proverbs lessons, such as Proverbs starting with S:

And I've updated the layout

- The amount of settings is getting out of hand, so they now live in a tidy drawer on the right-hand side. The most-used settings are at the top for your convenience, and there's room to grow.

- The lesson layout is more responsive to different screen sizes and shows more words and hints at a time. If you have some phrase that requires 8 strokes, the many steno diagrams will wrap and fit on screen.

- The Lookup page also fits more steno diagrams before adding a vertical scrollbar (whereas the previous horizontal scrollbar was invisible to some people and hard to use).

- The radio button labels are no longer crooked!

- I also made some accessibility improvements about the place.

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