Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spoke too soon?

After I gave up in frustration and went to do the dishes, I suddenly got a brainwave between the Chana Masala pan and the teacup and thought that I knew exactly where the problem was. I ran to the computer, made the fix and... Well, it seems to work. I think. As far as I can tell. More testing needed, my intrepid dCAT dictionary users. Please let me know if it's still busted!


Tony said...

Mirabai, you program just like me. I go off and do other things and think about the problem constantly. I am usually in an interpreting situation when I get the solution, sitting in the "off" chair, muttering to myself, and then suddenly I'll think "of course!"

I think my interpreting partners would prefer I keep these discoveries to myself. :)

Abby Bayne said...

I often have these revelations when I'm cleaning too...partly I think to get out of cleaning! Anyway, it's working great now so in honor of Brooklyn - beeyooteeful!