Friday, August 9, 2013

Tons of New Stuff!

So much stuff is going on in the Plover universe! I've got a really huge announcement that I'll hopefully be able to spill tonight or tomorrow, but in the mean time, there's been...

A new iteration of Plover, version 2.5.5, released!

Changes since the last version I posted here:

* Fixed crash when reading options with invalid values for machine
* Fixed dumping experienced on some stentura machines e.g. elan mira
* Improved orthography by choosing more common word in the dictionary
* Fixed suffix folding to not interfere with translations in the dictionary
* Can now output non-latin characters on OSX
* Output on OSX is independent of keyboard layout
* speed up startup time on OSX
* Fixed bug in suffix folding

There's now lots of new stuff to buy in the Plover store.

Jay and John (who made the Plover Demo) have devised a brief Plover Community Survey, and are asking all users and prospective users of Plover to weigh in. I'll post the concatenated results when they come in.

And finally, since I'll be at the NCRA Convention in Nashville this weekend and hopefully spreading the news about Plover to everyone there, I've written a FAQ for Steno Professionals. If you know all about steno but this is the first time you've heard about Plover, this is the FAQ for you. Of course, we also have our regular FAQ for steno newbies.

Stay tuned for the exciting announcement! I can't &@#$% wait to post it. Sooooooon...


Amber said...

Just tried this version and had the same problem as always. I download the file, but then nothing happens.

So...any news on the installable windows version? :)

Anonymous said...

Amber, I'm using Plover on Windows 7, and have been for a while. At the link, click the plover.exe button. Maybe there's another issue.

Unknown said...

Thanks for trying to help, but that's not the issue. When I click on the .exe file, nothing happens. Still waiting for news on the installable version.