Monday, August 12, 2013

Version 2.5.6 Released

Another bugfix release of Plover, hot off the press of the ever-amazing Hesky.

* Speeds up text output. If you've noticed that recent versions of Plover have been releasing the text more slowly than before, this fixes the problem.

* Recognizes DigitalCat's dictionary command for 'capitalize next'.

Download it here!

I haven't forgotten about the exciting announcement I mentioned in the previous post. I'll hopefully be able to make it later today! It's a doozy. (':


gdwarner said...
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Anonymous said...

I′ve finally tried to arperggiate using the space par enabled by this new version, and I am impressed at how wonderful it works. Actually I found it so great that I decided to use it much more during my training. This way, I don’t have to carry the sidewinder everywhere I go anymore.
The sidewinder′s size has been a problem for me, as I′m trying to avoid the isolation of practicing at home. So, I have even bought a case, “custom made”, to make transportation easier, but it was still a bulk or extra bag to wear (dress = vestir).
I also found out how to set a new command that is quite exciting for me. I hope i′m not saying something stupid, or something that have already been solved using another button, but here is my discovery:
Since the plover now works independent from the layout (at least in my macbook – snow leopard), I can set my own “caps lock mode”, in which it works this way: when I’m stenotyping, but want to type a few words in the normal layout (I use a brasilian dvorak version called br-nativo), I simply press the caps lock button, to the layout I had previously set to type in lower letters. This way I don’t have to turn the plover on and off, every time I want to type a single word in the common keyboard, I just need to press caps lock.
Thanks so much Mirabai to make all this dream come true!!!
Paulo Paniago.

gdwarner said...

C'mon, c'mon, spill it! You know you want to!