Monday, February 25, 2008

Brain Dump

I decided to make a separate blog for thoughts on Plover, since so much of what I've been turning over in my head is too technical and obsessed with minutiae to be of interest to readers of my regular blog. I'm uncertain whether I'll share this address with anyone else; if I get some good stuff down and can figure out how to refine my ideas, I'll probably pass it along to my brother William at the very least, since he's signed on to help me out with the project. Along with posts on the design of the program itself, I might use this blog to hold links to information on Python for beginners (which I surely am; Bozzy was about as simple as a program can be, and Plover will be more complex by many orders of magnitude.), or possibly idle thoughts about how best to disseminate steno throughout the hacker/wearable subculture. Here's hoping this blog will give me an incentive to actually put my thoughts into words instead of just perseverating on them mentally for several hours a day.

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