Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Ultimate Mobile Plover Platform?

Two-screen Linux-based multitouch tablet?

The Kno!

If this is true multitouch, this could be a fantastic platform for Plover.

The article where I got the above video. I'm excited!


Stan Sakai said...
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Stan Sakai said...

Have you ever seen one of these, or thought about implementing it to fit Plover's needs?

Just saw it way back thinking it would be a great way to create a steno keyboard that is aligned more naturally than a straight qwerty conversion (no staggering). I wonder if all the keys register at once or if it's a grid-type circuit layout where it would ghost severely beyond X-number of simultaneous key strokes.

And a curiosity that struck me with your previous post -- Why would court reporters and CART providers get fussy over being called, "stenographers" who "type" on stenotype machines? When I'm practicing on my steno machine and people ask what I'm doing, I usually respond by calling it "computer stenography," or describing it as "typing shorthand." Is there some culturally significant reason as to why this is? (I'm thinking of the being called a "masseuse" as opposed to a "massage therapist" debate) Or is it just an outdated title? Personally, I actually like the words "stenography" and "stenographer." It's so much more fun to say that you're writing in "pen stenography" than "shorthand." But being the newcomer in the field I guess I don't understand the connotations that certain terms carry in those with a history in court reporting/captioning.

Or it could just be that my ears just prefer job titles that sound overqualified and pompous? ;)

Tony said...

I saw these DX1 Input Systems too, Stan, and I got excited because they look promising ergonomically, but according to the FAQ on Ergodex's website, they're only a little more anti-ghosting than a standard keyboard. You can only press up to six of the keys at one time.

Mirabai Knight said...

I don't know why people don't like being called stenographers. I like it a lot, and it's almost always how I introduce myself. I think possibly because there's an association with the word as similar to "secretary" -- the buxom young girl sitting on the boss's lap with a notepad, you know. I don't understand it, though. I think it's a good all-encompassing word. You can't say "court reporters, CART providers, and captioners" all the time, and "stenographic professionals" is pretty wordy too. Stenographer works for me!

With respect to the writing versus typing thing, I'm even more baffled. But, as you can see from this post on Depoman, it's a Thing. {shrug}

Stan Sakai said...

Ah, thank you for letting us know Tony, thought it is a shame because of the potential it would have had it anti-ghosting capabilities.

And I'm glad that the negative associations with Stenographer aren't ubiquitous in the profession.

Mirabai Knight said...

That is a pity about the DX1. It's a little pricey, but very cool. Six keys at a time is nowhere near enough for steno, though. Alas.

Unknown said...
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Lucy Gregory said...

If I would choose a tablet then I would prefer that the OS would be the priority and not the hardware or brand. The availability of apps is what's important for me. For example, I would choose a Linux based tablet because it has an open source steno application that would help me with my job. Specs don't matter to me as long as my gadget serves its purpose.

Mirabai Knight said...

Well, Plover is now cross-platform; it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. But the main advantage of a two-screen solution is that the lower screen might work as a steno machine, though haptic feedback is always a consideration there.