Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interactive Demo on StenoKnight Page

Regulars to the Plover Blog and Wiki might not care, but I've put an interactive demo page on my StenoKnight CART Services business website. I used it to explain how steno works in my recent Presentation for That Keith Wann Show, and I figured I might as well keep it up there for whoever might want to use it or link to it. It's basically the Plover Demo embedded in a page with some additional instructional information for people who've never encountered steno before.

Oh, and I've also added a link to the Plover Aviary on the sidebar of this blog. The Aviary has been very quiet since its inception in December, but I'm still hoping that eventually we'll build up a critical mass of steno newbies who want to talk about their learning process. Unfortunately, the board's been getting a ridiculous amount of spam -- about 20 spam posts and almost 100 spam members added per day. I've had to put all posts by new users on moderation, and I delete all new users with zero posts en masse every day or two, but if you want to join (and you're not a spammer), just write one introductory post, and as soon as it goes through I'll take you off the new users list, so that you can post unmoderated to your heart's content from that point on. Otherwise you might be in danger of getting deleted in one of my zero post pruning sessions. If you really want to lurk on the boards and don't want to post anything, just email me -- -- and I'll put you on the whitelist manually. As I said, the Aviary is pretty much idle these days, but as Hover Plover gets going (still no word on the grant, but once we have a conclusive yes or no we can plan our next steps) I'm hoping the place will pick up a bit.


SFSecurity said...

I can't get it to work beyond about 8 words.

As a lousy typist who could use the speed - I do a lot of technical documentation, and as an older person with a bit of arthritis I would also like the lower stress.

However, I'm not surer where to start. My keyboard does not do n-key rollover and I'm not all that sure it is a good idea to get a new, standard QWERTY keyboard as it is hard to break years of bad habits and change how I use the keyboard, so suggestions on keyboard solutions would be most welcome. Alas, since I do work mostly in the Windoze environment I need to be able to continue to work with that OS.

Also I'm looking for the very simplistic intro, the various "schools of thought" about the various approaches. The lingo is hieroglyphic and I need a Rosetta Stone with translation and an overview on steno and steno terminology.

Why is KWALT: adequately, KWAULT: quality but KWAELT is equality, at least under one set of notes I've looked at? Is there a "Steno for the Totally Clueless"?.

Thanks a bunch,


Bernie T said...


I found your website and downloaded the plug in and everything. I want to try to learn steno but am having a few problems.

1) is there a keyboard overlay or stickers or something i could do to the x4 to see the steno keys im pressing?
2) how would you recommend i learn steno from zero? do i start on the lessons you provided?

Mirabai Knight said...

Hey, Bernie! Laser-cut plastic keytops will soon be available for purchase. I'm also considering having stickers made that show the letters of each key, but I haven't decided whether that would be useful or not yet. Stay tuned!

Mirabai Knight said...

Oh, and Allen:

adequately/quality/equality are all "arbitraries", also called "briefs". They're just little mnemonic hooks that each writer makes up to help them remember how to write a particular word. There's usually fairly little rhyme or reason to them, and most stenographers have thousands of briefs that only they know and use.

The new Windows version of Plover is pretty good, though! If you want to get a $45 n-key rollover keyboard, I think you might enjoy learning steno with it.