Friday, January 30, 2015

Stenowiki and Bob's DIY Machine

The redoubtable ezyang (of Stenomatic 9000 fame) has created StenoWiki, a collaborative database intended to categorize and explain definitions in the default Plover dictionary! When a beginner first starts learning steno, it can be tricky to develop the skill to tell a misstroke from a brief or a semi-phonetic stroke from a completely phonetic stroke. This wiki helps to bridge that gap!

Also, Bob from the Google Group has just converted an old manual steno machine into a Plover-compatible device!

He writes:

"I managed to complete the stenotype to digital.

I was asked to post some pictures of the process. This is the 1st. This is the one I will start learning with.

My total conversion cost was about $30.

If I add the cost of the Stenotype I have a fully working setup for less than $75.00.

I found the stenotype on ebay delivered for $28.00. I'll be ordering another to incorporate updates I want to make to it. With the cost being this low it won't be expensive at all to have a backup system."

Check out the pictures! Pretty dang impressive, I have to say.


Unknown said...
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Gary Fixler said...

I was pondering just such a project earlier this year. There are a lot of machines of every price and quality level on Ebay.