Friday, September 11, 2015

Countdown to Stenosaurus: PCBs Have Arrived

Josh has updated the Stenosaurus blog with the details. More soon, I hope!


Anonymous said...


very nice...where can i get one?


Mirabai Knight said...

On the Crowd Supply Campaign Page, as soon as it launches! Hopefully in the next few weeks.

Sian said...

Oh this is very exciting but I will be really miffed if it DOES come out in the next few weeks - I've just ordered a stenoboard on the understanding that the Stenosaurus is still very much an unknown deliverable reality. Mind you it might be above my means - is there any idea of pricing at the moment? thanks! Sian

Mirabai Knight said...

We're hoping the price will be somewhere around $300, but release date is still very much an unknown at this point. Partly it'll depend on how quickly we can get the campaign launched, and then how quickly we can get it funded. Also the manufacturing time for each unit isn't yet known, and that might scale differently depending on how many we sell. So there are a lot of unknowns! I think buying the Stenoboard was probably a good choice. (':

Unknown said...

Also I would look for an used steno machine, like a Stentura SRT model. You can get one quite easily, sometimes very inexpensively, from eBay. I got mine 400 SRT model through eBay and it cost me no more than 60 dollars plus shipping. (I got really luckily though.) The difference between a N-rollover keyboard and the machine is huge mainly in terms of how comfortable and natural stroking feels.

Just make sure you are able to connect it to a computer with a serial cable. Especially beware of those vintage steno machine. Also you should check the available protocols of the machine if the steno machine is not directly supported by Plover.