Thursday, October 29, 2015

Movement/Editing Dictionaries

Okay, so the exciting announcement got put on hold one more time, but I promise it's in the works. More very soon.

In the mean time, I've got some excellent little mini-dictionaries to tide you over!

You remember, of course, Ted's Modifier Dictionary, which lets you hit any combination of metakeys using a simple, consistent formula.

But now we also have Achim's mini-editing dictionary:
"P*RB": "{^}{#Up}{^}",
"W*RB": "{^}{#Down}{^}",
"K*RB": "{^}{#Left}{^}",
"R*RB": "{^}{#Right}{^}",
"P*RBLG": "{^}{#Shift_L(Up)}{^}",
"W*RBLG": "{^}{#Shift_L(Down)}{^}",
"K*RBLG": "{^}{#Shift_L(Left)}{^}",
"R*RBLG": "{^}{#Shift_L(Right)}{^}",
"P*RBLGS": "{^}{#Shift_L(Alt_L(Up))}{^}",
"W*RBLGS": "{^}{#Shift_L(Alt_L(Down))}{^}",
"K*RBLGS": "{^}{#Shift_L(Alt_L(Left))}{^}",
"R*RBLGS": "{^}{#Shift_L(Alt_L(Right))}{^}",
"P*RPB": "{^}{#Super_L(Up)}{^}",
"W*RPB": "{^}{#Super_L(Down)}{^}",
"K*RPB": "{^}{#Super_L(Left)}{^}",
"R*RPB": "{^}{#Super_L(Right)}{^}",
"P*RBLT": "{^}{#Alt_L(Up)}{^}",
"W*RBLT": "{^}{#Alt_L(Down)}{^}",
"K*RBLT": "{^}{#Alt_L(Left)}{^}",
"R*RBLT": "{^}{#Alt_L(Right)}{^}",
"P*RLGTS": "{^}{#Control_L(Alt_L(Up))}{^}",
"W*RLGTS": "{^}{#Control_L(Alt_L(Down))}{^}",
"K*RLGTS": "{^}{#Control_L(Alt_L(Left))}{^}",
"R*RLGTS": "{^}{#Control_L(Alt_L(Right))}{^}",
Plus he mentions his command for Spotlight on Mac:
"SKWR": "{^}{#Control_L(space)}{^}",
Ted counters with his own command for Spotlight:
"SP-LT": "{#Super_L(space)}{^}",
while I, as a Windows user, have my own stroke for a similar app called Launchy:
"KHRAUFRPB": "{#Alt_L(l)}{^}",
And Di offers up another ingenious method for navigating through documents and deleting characters, words, and lines in every direction:
- STPH- and P,R,B,G for arrows
- STPH- and RB,BG for left/right a whole word
- KPH- and P,R,B,G for Super/Command (KM) and arrows for a whole line or to top/bottom
- STP- and P,R,B,G for Shift (SF) and arrows
- STP- and RB,BG for Shift (S) left/right a whole word
- SHR- and P,R,B,G for Shift (S), Option/Alt (L) and arrows (an extra way to get the last 2 shortcuts too)
- PW* and F, FP, FPL for backspacing a character, word or line
- PW* and R, RB, RBG for forward deleting a character, word or line
I think my own steno navigation muscle memory is too ingrained to train myself into something new like that, and I'm almost always in Vim, where I can use w and b to navigate by word and dd to delete a line, but that's a seriously cool use of the steno layout to manipulate text. I'm impressed.

More on the Google Groups thread in question.

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