Monday, November 23, 2015

Help Us Find CC-Licensed Music for Steno Hero!

First, some more pictures from the latest build of Steno Hero:

I've played the demo, it's completely amazing, and it's so close to being done, I can almost taste it!! We'll be releasing the demo with only three songs, but we need to come up with a larger list of songs for the full version of the game, and we're hoping the Open Steno Project community can help us out with that. The songs need to have lyrics and need to have a license allowing commercial use. We've got a few likely candidates, but the more suggestions we can get, the more variety the game will have, so please send us links to all your favorite CC-licensed songs! Any tempo is fine, since we'll want a mixture of difficulty settings, from very slow to very fast. Since we want Steno Arcade to be kid-friendly (gotta hook 'em on steno while they're young!) we're hoping to avoid lots of cussing, so if your songs have any questionable material, bleeped or silenced versions are preferred.

Even if you can't think of any songs, please continue to help spread the word about Steno Arcade! We're counting down to what's shaping up to be a pretty amazing launch.


Scoon said...

I quite like a lot of the playlists here:

Sumana Harihareswara said...

This music is licensed CC BY-SA and has lyrics.

faraway_song said...

hi. Great job. Is it possible that the user can load his or her own favorite song to the steno hero and then practice over it?

Mirabai Knight said...

Yes, we are definitely definitely hoping to include that feature. It might be a stretch goal, but if so it will be a very high priority one!!

Mau said...

Might want to contact this dude. Great music and I'm sure he'd love to be part of this.

Mirabai Knight said...

Thanks, Mau. Any particular songs that you think would be well suited to Steno Hero?

Mau said...

I'm not sure what makes a song better than another for Steno Hero. Repetition? Diversity of words? Using common phrases?

Anyway, check out "Borderline" or "I Think I Started a Trend" (the 6th and 7th tracks on his 2003 album). His music has a sort of Beckish vibe. Oh, and we might have to censor a couple of words here and there. I'll refer you to his music page rather than linking straight to the songs.

The full mp3s are free to download on his website, including full source and his Wikipedia page says they're released under a copyleft license granting freedom to share and modify his work.

Mirabai Knight said...

Lovely! Thanks so much, Mau! I'll definitely check it out. (':

JEO said...

Would you be looking for music that is lyrics based? or something more "chip-tuney"?

Mirabai Knight said...

It needs to have lyrics, because that's how you play Steno Hero. It's basically karaoke with your fingers! But if you know a chiptuney song with lyrics that's CC-licensed, I'm into it! :'D

Steve said... is pretty well on the internet for CC music

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