Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Gherkin!

I got a Gherkin! Isn't it adorable? The delightful Kyzak on the Plover Discord built it for me, and I love it. Sadly, the key mapping was messed up, so I'll have to send it back before I can use it, but the size and shape are extremely endearing, and the touch seems quite nice as well. If you want one but don't have the skills to build and solder it yourself, you might still be able to nab one if you head other to the Discord. Especially great if you have small hands and value portability.


Robert Fontaine said...

Picksher missing. :)

Mirabai Knight said...

That's weird. It shows up for me.

jessic said...

missing for me as well. it tried to load something the first time I saw the post then nothing.