Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Volksboard

Check out this incredible DIY steno machine with step-by-step instructions on how to build it, by the amazing Carl. It's called the Volksboard, and I love it. Scrabble tiles for steno keys! Ingenious! It's also wireless and uses WiFi with a Raspberry Pi Zero built into the board to connect to Plover.


jessic said...

I really like this. This is a little bit beyond anything I've ever done for electronic shenanigans, but the guide makes me think I can do it. I can also mull adding a split angle to the two halves and even moving a few keys up or down vertically for better positioning. No more twisting my hand to reach the 9 or the key to the right of that for some briefs.

I know the switches would feel harder than a steno machine, but how much harder? Also, wood keys on a steno machine seems like it would be AWESOME. Idk though. I think the Scrabble tiles are a fantastic idea.

Anna said...

This is so beyond my skill set. Is anyone in the group making this as a side project? Thank you, Anna