Saturday, January 13, 2018

Typey Type for Stenographers

Fantastic new online learning tool by longtime community member Di: Typey Type for Stenographers.
Typey type is a typing app designed specifically to help stenography students learn steno faster. You can learn briefs and improve your stenographic speed and accuracy using tailored education options, including tight feedback loops so you learn to fix misstrokes immediately. You can effortlessly track progress in your brief vocabulary and rapidly increase in steno skill.
It's got a huge amount of practice material, from handpicked steno-specific lists to simple public domain texts. The interface is very sleek and intuitive, and I love all the metrics that help you track your progress. This is such a beautiful piece of work. If you've been feeling overwhelmed at the daunting task of teaching yourself steno, please give it a look. I think it'll be a tremendously useful tool for both beginners and intermediate speedbuilders alike.


jessic said...

I took another look at this and agree with Mirabai. This is great.

I haven't put a lot of thought into this comment, but I don't think learning steno completely solo with just a program (and a keyboard) to help you is a good solution for most people. But with a few more lessons and possibly the ability to apply different theories (with a lot of work on the back end) I think Typey Type can do a lot for a steno student.

But the instant feedback and built-in spaced repetition (that's what it looks like, anyway) is HUGE for learning something where the first four to six months are memorizing and learning a new language.

David Friedman said...

Seems similar to TyperRacer. Short bits of text in which every word has to be correct before going on to the next. Though there aren't any advertisements.