Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Steno in a Cigar Box

From Hermes on the Plover Discord:

a cigar box with a TinyMod and an Android phone showing Typey Type for StenographersA torso holding the closed cigar box

$5 Cigar box + OTG + 9" left USB + Android + TinyMod3 + Dotterel + DiDoesDigital = awesome Steno laptop. I love the OpenSteno community! Thanks!

I love it, and might make something similar for myself. I've actually been using my TinyMod a fair bit for work lately, both for offline transcription and for live classroom captioning. It's nice to be able to mix it up a bit, sometimes using my Georgi and sometimes the TinyMod. Certainly in portability the TinyMod wins hands down, as this picture shows. I've been wanting a clamshell case that can fit a phone or small tablet in the top half and a steno machine in the bottom half for a while now. The cigar box trick is very smart, though I wonder if there might be something even smaller that would fit the bill. Hm!

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