Thursday, November 21, 2019


Well, I got a call from The Neutrino Group today, saying that my new Infinity was ready to ship out. I've been using the Georgi for nearly all my work since around August 1st (when I sent my old Infinity in for trade-in credit and ordered a new one) and the TinyMod for everything else. (I'd say in about a 90%/10% split.) I'm looking forward to having an Infinity again for three main reasons:

1) It'll be much quieter than either of the two spring-based machines, though I've been told that manually lubing the keys, using silencers, and buying special silent switches might cut down the clickiness considerably. All of that is beyond me, though, so I've just been putting up with the noise.

2) It'll have Bluetooth, which means I won't have to stay tethered within a foot or so of my computer; useful for certain captioning jobs where I need a degree of flexibility to let clients read off of my laptop's screen.

3) It'll be simpler and quicker to set up and break down at each jobsite, as opposed to my multistep Georgi tenting and taping process, which I'll go into detail about during my review.

Speaking of which, that's what this post is really about. I've been slacking on reviewing both Georgi and TinyMod even as I've been using them more than I ever thought I would before my old Infinity broke down. I feel like I've got a ton of familiarity and experience with them both now, and am equipped to give both a thorough review... As soon as I can find the time. Well, I've set the goal of not letting myself use the Infinity on a job until I've got both Georgi and TinyMod reviews posted here, and you can hold me to that. Stay tuned!

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