Saturday, October 10, 2020

New Steno-Friendly Multiplayer Typing Site

Typeracer has gotten increasingly hostile to steno users lately, which is a shame, because we've found some good community there in the past, but a new site called Typination has stepped up. It's still somewhat early days, but it's explicitly steno friendly, and its owner has been really responsive to fixing steno-specific bug reports given by users on the Plover Discord, which is much appreciated. If you want a competitive multiplayer typing experience but Typeracer isn't serving your needs anymore, feel free to give it a try! The founder writes:

Hello stenographers.

TypiNation is a multiplayer community typing game where you can compete & improve your typing speed along with other players all around the world.

The game is available both for mobile and computers. Google play store link and Browser Link

If you're a using a stenography keyboard, to enable this option you need to go in settings and make sure this is ticked, you must sign in to get to settings. (Image attached below).

This setting might be removed if you clear "website cookies", etc.. so make sure it's ticked before you start playing if you use steno.

Happy typing!

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