Monday, May 17, 2021

Ted's StenoFest Talk

Today on Ted's Patreon Page, he posted a link to his StenoFest 2019 talk on YouTube, along with the following:

I recently posted my StenoFest talk from February 2019. It was a talk aimed at professional stenographers to introduce the idea of using their steno machines outside of work, as well as present the Open Steno Project mission. Feel free to check it out, and view the index in the description to jump to sections that interest you.

As for Art of Chording, I'm currently balancing between being busy at work and lots of Plover development happening in preparation for v4. I look forward to resuming on the textbook, but it won't be until a new Plover release (which I am so totally pumped about!!!) See you soon!

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