Monday, July 26, 2021

New Steno Dictionary for Emacs

Lorem Ipsum writes on the Plover Google Group:

I just pushed a version 1.0 of a dictionary for use with Emacs. It provides only modifiers for the English alphabet right now. In order to get a release out, I didn't create definitions for Super or for left-hand patterns. It plain language, you can do M-x, C-f, etc. but not M-: or Super-a. Theoretically, everything is explained in the accompaying website.

The "features" are:

Explanation of the dictionary design and design process
Control modifiers
Alt/Meta modifiers
Shift modifiers
C-S, M-S, C-M-S combinations
Function keys
Please feel free to kick the tires.

The roadmap for v2.0 is to incorporate the (brilliant) ideas of EPLHREU so that the dictionary works for symbols as well as English letters. Seeing as it took nearly 8 months to get this far, expect v2.0 some time around the next United States presidential election ;).


I'm a Vim fan myself, but this looks very cool! Nice work, all.

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