Monday, November 21, 2022

The Steko: A new $85 Hobbyist Board

The Steko, a new keyboard from Quanicboards, is now available for $85.
the Steko hobbyist board with 3D printed keytoppers
Steko currently does NOT come with any backplate. It will come with small rubber feet on the bottom of the pcb. A backplate may be introduced in the future, and previous buyers will then be shipped standoffs, screws, and the backplate, free of charge.

The Steko Keyboard is a revolutionary new hobbyist stenography keyboard designed to make steno as affordable as possible! The keyboard uses a very compact layout (only 25 keys!) and a simple unibody design to reduce cost, and get stenography into the hands of as many people as possible.

The keyboard is 200x65mm, and uses an RP2040 MCU with 16MB (128Mb) of flash storage. This means it will be compatible with embedded steno.
It looks like a great affordable starter option for new steno hobbyists!

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