Monday, December 5, 2022

Stenokeyboards Sticker Sheet

So I mentioned a while back that there's firmware available for the Uni v4 called Javelin steno that allows you to use it as an embedded steno device. I'm very intrigued by this and will probably be purchasing a Uni v4 in the near future to try it out (the Uni I currently have is a v3), but in the mean time I wanted to highlight the Legendary Sticker Sheet, also from Stenokeyboards, which is adorable, and which I will definitely be purchasing alongside the v4. Some old school steno people say it's cheating to put letter stickers on your keyboard, but to be honest, I've never understood that. My kid's TinyMod has sparkly bejweled letter stickers from the drugstore stuck all over it, and if I wind up giving him a Uni with embedded steno on it, I'd want it to have its keys labeled as well. The goofy stenosaurus and cool plover face stickers are pretty nice as well. I've found that stickers are a great way to capture a kid's attention, so I'm thinking this sticker pack will definitely become part of my kid's steno tutorial process at some point.
sticker sheet featuring a plover, a stenosaurus, and several steno-specific letter stickers

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