Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Paul's Steno GitHub Profile GIF

gif from a video of Paul programming using steno
Paul has a cool GIF taken from one of his excellent steno coding videos on his GitHub profile, and he thought other people might like to do the same, so he offered some advice for making one:

When thinking about what I wanted to put on my GitHub profile README, I was just about to copy what I'd seen others do and write some "About Me" text, but then realised it could be way cooler to show off what writing with steno is like in a way that might resonate with developers.

GitHub doesn't allow embedded videos in the READMEs, so I had to resort to a classic looping animated GIF. After recording a video with OBS, I used the `ffmpeg` ( and `gifsicle` ( command-line tools to create a GIF that was not so big that it took ages to load, but also didn't sacrifice too much on image quality.

The command invocations are not easy to intuit, but in case someone wants to experiment with their own steno video LM and tweak the parameters, here is what got me my result:

`ffmpeg -i -pix_fmt rgb8 -r 10 output.gif && gifsicle -O3 output.gif -o output.gif`

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