Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Asterisk First Impressions

A computer showing a Vim document open with an Asterisk in front of it
I got just a few minutes to play with the Asterisk today, and it's definitely gonna require some practice to build the muscle memory necessary to use it, but I have to say the thing is absolutely adorable. I love that it fits in the little zipper pocket on my backup laptop's sleeve. I love how light and sleek and cheerful the design is. The cutouts are an ingenious way to tell your fingers whether you've hit the right key after the fact, but I do miss the ability to rest my fingers in the home position between strokes. Whether I'll be able to retrain my hands sufficiently to find that position while hovering in midair remains to be seen, but the experience of using it is enjoyable enough to give it a try, for sure. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna load Javelin onto it so that I can use it with either phone or computer, and I'm currently in the planning phases for a new novel that I'm planning to write for NaNoWriMo in November, so I'm thinking of trying to build up some proficiency with the Asterisk while working on notes for it. Definitely not something I anticipate using as a backup for any of my captioning machines (I'm happy to say that I was unable to use my daily driver Infinity Ergonomic yesterday and the Jarne worked marvelously well as a backup!), but as an ultralightweight and low profile machine to carry around for fun and brainstorming? It just might fit the bill! I'll keep you posted.

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