Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I've set my eclips timer to zero. As you can see, that means it can
only translate one-sillable words correctly, but it's useless for
anything that takes more than one stroke. But that's okay, because
I'm using it to break up a script in vim, so I don't
really need to write anything in the way of words. It's slow going
for the time being, because I don't have the commands bred into my
finkers properly yet, but I ants pate that it'll feel pretty natural
after I've been at this for a few hours. When I said one sillable, I
meant one-stroke. But I think I'll let this stand as a testment to
the pointlessness of timers. If I increased the lag, all my words
would translate properly, but I'd be unable to edit effectively. This
way I can't use my steno machine for writing, but at least I can use
it for editing. I'll get the victim commands set in my finkers --
that should be vim commands, obviously -- and then later, down the
road, once moreover is working -- ha! And that should be moreover.
Plover! Mover. That's hill airious. All this thinking and planning,
and I haven't even gotten around to putting the word Plover in my
dictionary yet. That was finker spelled. I'll have to recollectify
this. Oh, lordy. What an embrassment. I hate timers. Hate them,
hate them, hate them. All right, enough examples of mistranslates.
I'll get back to training my finkers into using vim on the steno

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