Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Status of Current Tasks Page

I don't know how many of the people volunteering to work on the Plover Project read this blog but not the Google Group (our semi-official dev discussion group), but just in case there are a few, I'm posting this here as well as there. I just made a new page on the Plover Wiki, listing all the tasks that are currently in development (as well as the first names of the people who offered to make them happen), as well as some of the higher priority tasks from the Launchpad page that don't currently have any volunteers assigned. I hope it'll help us all keep track of each other a little better, now that Plover has expanded into this awesomely multivarious community-developed creature. If you're listed as someone assigned to a task, feel free to update the page with your current status, or if you want some help with your task, or to be unassigned to it, go ahead and note it down as well. And, of course, if you've never volunteered to help with the project but this list makes you want to, please go right ahead! We can always use more awesome coders, testers, hackers, and users at every level of expertise.


Infinite thanks to everyone who's done such incredible work with the project, especially Pragma, Hesky, John, Jay, Gloria, and of course Plover's Primordial Demiurge, Josh. You guys are freaking amazing.


PloverLover said...

Any ETA on the new up-to-date windows port?

Mirabai Knight said...

Hi, PloverLover. I'm afraid nothing yet. Our developers are all doing this in their free time, so when things get busy, Plover development suffers. I promise I'll post as soon as I get any news.

Geravirg said...

Soy de habla hispana, y me gustaría mucho poder usar este software para español. Saben cómo puedo hacer?

Mirabai Knight said...

Gerardo: http://stanographer.com