Monday, July 8, 2013

Plover 2.3.1 Released!

From Hesky, Plover's lead developer:

"Hi Everyone,

There is a new version of Plover available: v2.3.1.

This is a minor update that includes the following features:
- Changing settings no longer requires restarting plover.
- There is a new display for machine status. This is most useful for stentura machines and pretty useful for other serial and usb machines.
- The serial port config dialog scans for ports in the background rather than hanging for several seconds.

In case you missed the previous announcement, plover now reads RTF/CRE dictionaries so conversion is no longer required.



Linux: Follow instructions here:

As always, please let me know how it goes and if you have any trouble."

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Kirsten said...

I posted earlier somewhere else this same issue, but I've downloaded the new version, I have my computer recognizing my steno (elan CYBRA-student) and I can not get the configurator to recognize the steno. It works with the keyboard (haphazardly as you point out) but will not bring up anything when I try the drop down or 'scan' feature in the serial port configuration screen!!! Any thoughts? !!