Friday, January 16, 2015

Back From Vacation!

The new semester has started, and I'm finally settling into a groove. I'm still working on a big post about where I see the Open Steno movement going over the next few years, but for now I just want to post a few brief updates.

First off, looks like the Sharkoon Tactix keyboard I posted about recently apparently doesn't have full n-key rollover after all, despite what it claims. So the price is nice, but it's not going to work for Plover. Bummer.

Secondly, The Aviary has really been hopping lately. It's been quiet for years, but it seems like it's actually achieved something of a critical mass in recent months, with some great conversations happening between various users. Unlike the Google Group, which is focused more on tech support and discussion about the future of Plover, the Aviary is more of a place to talk about your day-to-day steno learning process. I check it every day, so you can also ask questions about steno theory, and when I answer them, they'll be up for the reference of other Aviary users. If you haven't been there recently and you want to talk about the ups and downs of learning steno, go check it out!

And finally, I bought some elastic, Velcro, and fabric adhesive at a craft store the other day. I've been carrying my Stenoboard around in my backpack for months, but I don't often use it, because I can't seem to find a typing position that's both comfortable and secure. I'm so used to the tripod-based system I use with my Infinity Ergonomic that resting the two halves of the Stenoboard on a table just feels too flat, and I haven't figured out any other way to replicate my preferred double-handed tilt. So my eventual goal with all these supplies is to make a more durable and adjustable version of the thigh-mounted setup I depicted in my Mobile and Wearable article. The Stenoboard is much smaller and more lightweight than the Gemini2 in that picture, so I'm hoping it'll be a lot less unwieldy and a lot more comfortable. I'm not generally so good with arts and crafts, but if I can manage to make a stable, secure attachment for my Stenoboard that allows me to quickly set up and start writing sans tripod, I'll be really happy. Stay tuned to see if I can manage it!


Ellis Pratt said...

Would use the Stenoboard if you had a tripod with you?

I wonder if two triangular pieces of sponge would give you the angle you require? Then it would be a case of getting the height correct.

Mirabai Knight said...

I almost always do have my tripod with me, because the bag I carry my Stenoboard in is the same as the one I carry my Infinity Ergonomic in. But it's a pain in the butt to take out and set up and it requires a lot of space to use comfortably. That's why I'd like to have something as simple as a strap that goes around my leg in a second and holds the Stenoboard securely in place without any shifting or slipping.

I thought about trying to build some sort of tabletop chassis out of sponge or thermaplastic, but most tables are too high to write comfortably on anyway; they make my shoulders hurt. I'm mostly only comfortable if I'm writing on about the level of my lap.

Unknown said...

My fantasy is to get some toy six-shooters and attach the keyboards to the holsters.

Mirabai Knight said...

Haha! Nice!