Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Miscellany

Just two quick items:

* Emanuele has started a Stenoboard blog. There's only a welcome post on it so far, but if you're interested in the progress of the Stenoboard, you might want to add it to your RSS reader of choice.

* Also, it's not strictly Plover-related, but Drew from the Plover Google Group told me about a Vim plugin that's turned out to be life-changing: Vim-G. As Drew explained:

"It provides a :Google command that lets you run your query direct from Vim. Additionally, if you select a word then run the :Google command, it will search for the selected word."

So I've been able to map my TKPWHREFRPB command to {#Escape}:Google{#Return}, which will open a Chrome window and search for the word under my cursor. This is so great for looking up words while editing CART transcripts! Previously I'd tried to do it by using Launchy, but because there's currently no way to make definitions with predetermined "wait x milliseconds" commands, the processes would get out of sync and wouldn't execute properly. This solves that problem completely. It's still probably worth building a "wait" command into Plover at some point, but now that I have this Vim-G solution, that feature is not as urgent for me as it once was.

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Le Jeune said...

You mentioned that Plover could use a wait command, it's indeed a neat feature that could be added, but have you tried using Autohotkey? You could build a script out of a hotkey or a keyboard combinaison that could indeed wait for x amount of time and then make your search in Google without needing it to be in VIM and could also work in VIM as well without the plugin. Being a huge fan of Sublime text and never used VIM I tend to use many scripts in Autohotkey which works with any software.

Just food for thought!