Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Black and White Alphabet Posters

Over on The Aviary, Achim has created some black and white steno alphabet posters!

PDF - B&W Steno Alphabet Poster
PDF - B&W Missing Sounds Poster

Really nice, especially for people who prefer a cleaner-looking poster, don't want to use up a lot of colored ink, or have difficulty distinguishing slight differences in color.

Also, from the comments of the recent post on Steno Autodidacts, we've got another fantastic testimonial, from Anonymous SKWROPB. Definitely go and check out the video!

Anonymous skwropb said... I've been using Plover since December 2013. I now type more than twice as fast as I ever did on QWERTY. I do all of my normal typing with Plover and also use it to control i3 Window Manager, Pentadactyl, Weechat, and various other programs. I rarely have to take my hands off my steno machine to do anything.

Learn Plover wasn't complete when I started, but it wasn't hard to figure out the parts that were missing. I didn't do much to record my progress*, but I would say it was about a month before I was comfortable enough to use Plover for normal typing and three months before I was more comfortable typing in steno than QWERTY. I didn't spend much time doing drills. I practiced by transcribing books and playing Cargo Crisis and TypeRacer. For the first month or so, I must have practiced more than three hours a day. I was really addicted.

*I couldn't think of a meaningful way to benchmark my speed, so I didn't bother, but I did put together a crummy video to show people on TypeRacer that I wasn't cheating. It gives a general idea of where I was after using Plover for about a year.

Typeracing With Plover

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Unknown said...


I'm looking for posters to put up around my computer area while I practice, and these black and white ones would have been perfect! Are there any links to these files? The dropbox link that's on now is broken. Hope someone can help! Thank you <3