Friday, February 12, 2016

The Zalman ZM-K600S - NKRO at $40?

This $40 keyboard claims to have n-key rollover via USB. Can it be true?! Do we finally have a reliable low-cost successor to the Sidewinder X4?! Man, I hope so. It's been a long time coming. If anyone has tested one of these puppies out and found that it has at least 16-key rollover with Plover over USB, please let us know! I'd love to have a $40 entry point into steno again, after many long years hovering around $100.


Unknown said...

Well, I'm not using ZM-K600S. but I'm using Skydigital N-Key 2.

It's a membrane Keyboard.I just found out ZM-K600S at Google,

and It's almost same as Skydigital N-Key 2, including G key above 10 keypad.

I think that it's American version of Skydigital N-Key 2.

I am korean and Skydigital N-Key 2 price is 29000 Won(korean), maybe cheaper than 40$.

I tested it on Aqua key test, and about 30 keys are all typed.

(I just pushed my palms to my keyboard...^.^)

I'm curious about how this keyboard is concerned with your stend works.

I searched in Plover and just visited your blog, but really curious about that.^^

If you can make this keyboard into Steno keyboard, please let me know^^. I'll be very thankful^^

P.S I'm not a English user. Just a Korean. so my English may be poor.

If so, Sorry for your inconvience-_-;;;

Mirabai Knight said...

Fantastic! We're hoping to have a Korean-compatible build of Plover available soon, so this seems like a great starter keyboard for that. I googled a bit and it looks like it's not available outside of Korea, though. Is that right?

Anonymous said...

This opens the door to laptop membrane keyboards with N-key rollover. Although probably only for gamers, like the Alienware ones. And maybe it consumes more energy because of the hardware lines not being shared.

Mirabai Knight said...

The Sidewinder X4 was a membrane keyboard with N-key rollover back in 2010, but sadly it was discontinued. So glad that the Zalman has finally appeared to take its place.

admklr said...

If this works, it's going to be my entry into the steno world :).

Mirabai, I truly respect your dedication to Plover / affordable steno "project". Keep up the amazing work! And please keep posting content here and youtube so I can read / watch those :)

Mirabai Knight said...

People are reporting that it works great! Go for it and have fun!