Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Picture Post Roundup

Have a few delightful images from the open steno community over the past few days.

First, Typey-Type for Stenographers now gives you confetti when you beat your previous high speed!
confetti on a screenshot of a typing test

 Ted has a snazzy pink-accented Georgi at his desk.
a Georgi with pink and white keys on a desk

 Curiousbirds has figured out a novel and low-cost way to tent a Georgi using cardboard and tape.
a Georgi on a desk tented using cardboard and tape
And finally, Stan has figured out how to get Plover running on a RaspberryPi! Can't wait to see what cool wearable solutions he'll turn this into.Plover running on RaspberryPi next to a proprietary steno machine

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