Saturday, June 27, 2020

Video of Plover-assisted Art Installation: Assembly

Wow, remember when I blogged about Assembly, an art project featuring MIDI steno at the 2019 Venice Biennale? Our amazing Italian stenographer friend Sillabix posted actual footage of it in the Plover Discord recently! He says:
I had to study the more palatable chords to steno the poem "In another tongue" of the Australian poet David Malouf. Then they took the Midi datas outputted from the Michela and created a musical score for several instruments. Was a bit difficult because steno chords sound really close to dodecaphonic music. The coolest thing was the great versatility of Plover: without it this project wouldn't have been possible. Eclipse translation was too slow and out of sync with the midi notes recorded by the notation software. Several aspects involved and several twists to let steno and music meet together so that the notes played by all the instruments and the chorists could be an arrangement from the original steno chords.

So freaking cool!!

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