Monday, January 25, 2021

New Option for TinyMod!

The amazing Charley, inventor and craftsman behind the StenoMod and TinyMod, has done it again. He's now offering a new quiet model TinyMod:

The new option is the quiet version of TinyMod4. The only difference is that it has Durock "silent" switches and the springs have been changed to 20cN. Though they're called "silent" switches I would say rather that they're very quiet. They have a solid feel to them and a pretty light touch. It took me a long time to like the feel of 20cN, but now I'm very happy with them. You might find that you press a lot of keys by accident for awhile because of the light touch. Because the switches and replacement springs cost more and it's extra work swapping springs, I'll be charging $200 plus shipping for the quiet model.

The original TinyMod is still available for $160 plus shipping, and Charley's confided in me that there are even more surprises in the works, so stay tuned! Charley is an absolute paragon of the small batch steno hardware world, and I recommend his machines unreservedly!

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